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Weekly Link Roundup

This week’s featured articles, videos, and generally cool content from around the web..enjoy!

1. Keep Going: Benefits Of Hard Work

Ray Higdon takes a look at why people quit and reminds you of the benefits to your hard work! Head over to rayhigdon.com and give it a read. Check out the bonus video!

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2. Podcast Teasers And Proof You Need To Publish Videos Directly To Facebook Too

Pat Flynn from smartpassiveincome.com conducts a real eye opening experiment involving video, Youtube, and Facebook. His results are something you have to see!

3. Be Everywhere: How To Convert A Blog Post Into PDF In Under 60 Seconds

Ana Hoffmann over at trafficgenerationcafe.com delivers yet again in this awesome “how to” post! One of my personal favorites for the week!

4. Research Hashtags With Ritetag

Do you use Twitter? If you answered yes, then check out this awesome video from Amy Schmittauer at savvysexysocial.com. She has a great new tool to show you!

5. Smartphones Made Easy PLUS Bonus Top Apps Suggestions With Rey Brown

Like Podcasts? How about the latest apps for your phone? Check out this awesome podcast from Chris Cerrone and Laci Urcioli.

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As always…to YOUR success!

Matthew McAlpine

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