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Train Your Brain – A Goal Setting Strategy

how to reach your goals

Think back to when you were just a kid.

Sitting in class. Learning how to read and write. Having your brain trained.

Now it’s years later (for some of us many years later) and you have goals and dreams yet to be realized.

The problem may be in the way you approach the whole “goal setting” strategy.

So I started to think about this the other day as I was looking through my notebook where I have my own goals written, and here is something I came up with that may help you (and me) realize a few more of our goals.

As a kid learning to read and write, think about how virtually everyone is taught. Your brain has been trained to prioritize things simply by the way they are written..even if it is not intentional.

Let me give you an example.

I would bet that most of you who have written down goals in a notebook or a piece of paper..or even if you typed them out on a spreadsheet or wordpad, have your goals listed in a certain order. Am I right? That may not mean that you intended for any one goal to be more important, it’s just the way your mind has been programmed to work. We naturally place the items of most importance at the “top of the list” and work our way down.

Now think of how your MIND see’s your goals when you read them. Your mind is going to give top priority to whichever goal is in the top or number 1 position and give lesser value to the goals that follow. It’s just the way it works.

But I don’t think it has to be that way.

I think we can train our brain to give equal value to all of our goals and here is what I suggest:

Get yourself a pack of 50 or 100 index cards. If you think 50 goals is a lot, you are not trying hard enough because it is actually quite simple. Eating in a particular exclusive restaurant can be a goal, staying at a certain high-class resort or hotel can be a goal, your list of goals can be endless once you really start to think about it.

Take the index cards and start to write a very DESCRIPTIVE goal on each one..no title..no bullet points..no numbers. Just a precise description of your goal.

For example:

I will eat dinner with my wife or husband at such-and-such restaurant

That’s it..simple.

Fill out as many of the cards as you possibly can.

Now this is where the magic happens 🙂

The next morning, take a few minutes..grab your stack of goals and SHUFFLE THEM UP. Drop them on the floor..throw them in the air..shuffle them like a deck of cards. I don’t care HOW you do it, but make sure they are as mixed up as mixed can be!

Start reading your goals.

One card at a time.

Read a few or read them all..it won’t matter because you have already started to retrain your mind.

The next morning, get up and do the exact same thing. Shuffle those babies up and start reading them.

See what happens? You have taken any and all order out of your goals. Your mind is starting to give equal weight to every goal you read, because there is no longer any sort of perceived order or structure. Your mind will start to see every goal you read as being just as important as the one before it.

Now you might be thinking..Arent you reading them in order? Won’t your mind take the first goal card you read and make it the most important by default?

The short answer is yes..but here is the beauty of the strategy.

With you shuffling the cards EVERY TIME before you read them, what are the odds you will always have the same goal come up first in the deck? Almost never happens. So every day you do this, a new goal comes up first. A goal you might not even have remembered otherwise.

Keep on doing this and I believe you will start to have more success in reaching your goals! The longer you do this and the more goal cards you have, the more powerful this strategy becomes!

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As always..to YOUR success!

Matthew McAlpine

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  • Hey Mathew

    I normally write my goals down in Google Keep. And I usually tackle them in a set order.

    Your idea with shuffling cards seems a bit crazy and random.

    So crazy that it just might work!

    I might give it a try when I feel like taking a walk on the wild side.


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