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Social Media Marketing Simplified

social media marketing simplified

I decided to put together a collection of blog posts dealing with the subject of social media that my readers have found the most helpful.

I realize there is a social media category available on the blog, but these posts were hand-picked by my readers.

They are in no particular order in terms of popularity, but they are separated by social media platform. I hope it makes the site a little easier to navigate and you get as much information as some of the other readers did!

Instagram Simplified

Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. Here is a collection of popular posts related to Instagram.

1. How To Find Relevant Hashtags For Instagram

Do you want more followers on Instagram? Hashtags are the primary way of getting discovered on Instagram! Need help choosing the right hashtags? Here’s how to do it…

2. Instagram Marketing: 10 Ways To Build Your Business Using Instagram

This post covers 10 free and simple ways to market your business on Instagram.

3. 3 Quick Tips For Marketing On Instagram

This post shows you 3 little known features on Instagram that make marketing your business simple and effective.

4. How To Create A Hashtag Strategy For Instagram

Getting discovered on Instagram revolves entirely around the use of hashtags. Here is a great way to create a hashtag strategy for your business on Instagram.

5. How To Properly Re-Share Posts On Instagram

If you want to grow your Instagram account quickly, a great way to do it is by sharing other people’s posts. Here’s the right way to do it..

Twitter Simplified

Twitter has always been one of the best sources of free traffic for my blog. Here is a collection of posts related to using Twitter for your business.

1. How To Make A List On Twitter

One of the challenges of Twitter is keeping up with the speed of the feed. Here is a great step by step guide to slowing it down so you can keep track of the people who matter most to you and your business.

2. How To Get More Followers On Twitter

This seems to be one of the more frequent questions I get asked about Twitter. Growing your Twitter account is not as difficult as it may seem, especially if you follow a few simple steps!

Facebook Simplified

Facebook is now one of the more challenging social media platforms, but don’t disregard it as still being a great source of leads, traffic, and communication for your business. Here are a few posts related to Facebook.

1. 10 Ways To Get More Engagement On Facebook

One of the challenges of Facebook is organic reach. Over the years Facebook has reduced the amount of people you can reach for free, forcing marketers to engage in a “pay to play” model. Here are 10 ways you can continue to grow your Facebook following..for free!

2. How To Increase Landing Page Conversions Using Facebook Integration

Here is a simple lead generation strategy for Facebook!

YouTube Simplified

YouTube can be a great source of traffic for your business, but it can also be the most intimidating. Here are a few posts related to YouTube.

1. How To Rank Videos High In YouTube Search

This post lays out a step by step strategy for ranking videos higher in the YouTube search results.

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