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Marketing Link Roundup – Episode 9

marketing link roundup episode 9

Welcome to episode 9 of the marketing link roundup!

This week is proving itself to be a little busier than anticipated..maybe the effects of these first real spring like days?

Whatever the reason, being busy is always a good thing and a challenge I gladly accept!

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Let’s get into this weeks marketing link roundup!


1. 20 Tips To Get Better Results With Email Marketing

Some great tips here on email marketing. Tips from writing a great email to using catchy headlines. A quick read with some useful ideas!

2. How To Create A Blog Your Readers Will Love: 6 User Experience Tips You Can Use Today

Thinking about starting a blog? Or maybe you already have a blog and you are constantly looking for new ways to create a better experience for your visitors. Either way, be sure to check out this awesome article! 6 great ways to improve the user experience on your blog..complete with easy to understand illustrations and instructions. A must read for any blogger!

3. 30 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

In this article, Social Media Pro Kim Garst provides a whopping 30 killer tips to improve your social media marketing! She covers all the bases and provides great advice on all the major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Google+

4. 7 Landing Page Techniques To Dramatically Improve Website Conversions

Split testing and tweaking your landing pages is a constant. When someone offers you 7 specific things you can do to improve your conversion rates, based on actual data, you at least check it out.. right? A great article with specific, actionable content all nicely illustrated and easy to understand.

5. How To Use YouTube Cards To Promote Your Business

With Facebook stealing the video spotlight as of late, YouTube has been quietly making some changes of their own. You can now use “cards” in addition to annotations in your videos, which allow mobile users to interact with your videos..something annotations do not allow. This article gives a detailed description of what these new YouTube cards are, and how to implement them. A must read for anyone using the YouTube platform!

That’s it for this edition of the marketing link roundup! Did you miss episode 8? You can catch up here: Marketing Link Roundup Episode 8

If you would like to have your content included in an upcoming episode, you can submit your content here.

As always,

To YOUR Success!

Matthew McAlpine

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