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Increase Landing Page Conversions With Facebook Integration

leads from facebook

Do you want a higher conversion rate on your landing pages?

We all do.

I am going to share a simple strategy I have been testing on a landing page I designed to capture leads from Facebook.

The results have been dramatic to say the least, and I am going to walk you through the process so you can model it for your own business.

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The Setup:

The lead magnet I am using in this particular example is a free ebook designed to help Facebook users generate more engagement on their posts, and grow their following. I created a basic short form landing page, embedded a simple sign up web form, and started to test and tweak.

The initial response was decent. the e-book itself is a great resource, and the conversion rates were typical for this type of offer.

Then I implemented this cool little trick and saw immediate improvements to my conversion rate.

What did I do?

I used the Facebook integration feature built into the web form, and targeted Facebook users exclusively.

Here is what I mean.

When I create a custom web form (the box people put in their name and email address to sign up for something) within Getresponse, I now have the option to use the Facebook Sign Up feature. What this does is pre-fill the web form using the email address associated with that visitors Facebook account.

There are two main reasons this is so powerful.

One, the form is pre-filled so the visitor only has to hit the “download now” button to complete the process. As long as the visitor is logged in to Facebook, they do not have to type anything..it’s already done. This is a HUGE benefit when targeting mobile users, as web forms can be a bit tricky on a mobile device.

Two, the email address associated with a Facebook account is usually a legitimate email address, reducing the likelihood for someone to enter a fake address.

Why This Strategy Works.

I decided to target Facebook users exclusively with this particular landing page, by using posts linking to the landing page and Facebook Ads. This virtually guarantees almost 100% of the visitors hitting my landing page are logged into Facebook, thus being presented with a pre-filled form.

In a nutshell..

Design a simple landing page with a great lead magnet using a web form with the Facebook feature enabled. Target Facebook users exclusively to take advantage of the fact they will almost all be logged in and presented with the pre-filled form.

If you are looking for a simple way to increase your conversion rate, this is something super easy you can do to get an immediate boost!

Hope it helps!

As always,

To YOUR Success!

Matthew McAlpine

If you would like access to this awesome feature, you can start your 100% free 30 day trial with Getresponse here!


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