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How To Use Instagram Hashtags To Get More Followers

how to find relevant hashtags for instagram

Do you want more followers on Instagram?

Instagram Hashtags are the primary way people discover new content and accounts. Not knowing which hashtags to choose..or worse..choosing the wrong ones, can have you attracting the wrong type of people to your account.

If you want to grow your account on Instagram, you must use hashtags that are relevant to the audience you want to reach. It is important to develop a hashtag strategy for Instagram, especially if you are a new account looking to add new followers. So, how do we find the right hashtags?

by using an app of course..

How To Use Hashtap To Find Trending Instagram Hashtags

Hashtap is a free app for IOS that is designed to not only give you the current trending topic for any keyword you choose, but it also gives you related hashtags as well! The app itself has a simple, easy to use interface and even new users will have no trouble making use of this great app.

Please Note: Throughout the post I will use the words “keywords” and “hashtags” interchangeably. Thinking of hashtags as keywords can help you focus on the specific words you want to use to reach your target audience.

Let’s go get some hashtags!

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1. Download the Hashtap App free from the iTunes store. The direct link is at the bottom of this post.

2. When you open the app, you will be on the main home screen which gives you the search bar feature. Here is where you will enter the keyword you are targeting. The icon towards the bottom of the screen will open a brief tutorial, which you can navigate by swiping to the right or left. Note: Tap or click on the images to expand.

hashtap home screen

3. Enter any keyword you are looking to target into the search bar and hit the “search” button on your keypad. For this example, I am going to target hashtags based on the keyword “marketing”.

hashtap hashtag search

4. Once you have entered a keyword into the search bar and pressed search, the app will open a new window and display a series of animated “floating” bubbles all containing different keywords related to your search. The main keyword you searched for is always the largest bubble. The smaller bubbles surrounding it are all related popular hashtags for Instagram. Also on this screen you will notice numbered columns in the background. Instagram currently allows you to use up to 30 different hashtags for post, so as you choose the hashtags you want to use, the Hashtap app will keep track of them for you in these numbered columns.

Note: Although Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post, I have had the best results using between 15 and 20 hashtags per post.

hashtap main keyword

5. To choose the hashtags you want to use, simply tap on the bubble to add it to your list. Always remember to start with the main keyword you want to use, and work out from there. You do not have to use all of the keywords displayed, choose the ones you think best support your main keyword. Once you tap on a bubble, the text within the bubble will turn red, indicating that you have chosen it. It will also be added to the numbered list towards the top of the screen.

choosing hashtags for instagram

6. You can also double tap any bubble to make that your new primary keyword. This will again place the new keyword in the biggest bubble and display a new set of keywords related to your main selection. This is a powerful way to get a lot of relevant, related hashtags into your list! In the example below, I have chosen to add the hashtag “entrepreneur” to my list. I also want to see related hashtags for “entrepreneur”, so I double tap the bubble to display a whole new set of related hashtags.

choosing a new hashtag

7. By double tapping the bubble containing the keyword “entrepreneur”, I have replaced my original focus keyword which was “marketing”. The app will reflect this change at the top of the screen and display a new list of hashtag options related to the keyword “entrepreneur”.

new focus hashtag

8. You can continue to work your way through the list of hashtags, adding all of the keywords you think are relevant to your business or brand by tapping on the bubble containing the desired hashtag. Double tap any bubble to make it your new focus keyword and find even more related hashtags! In the image below, you can see the 19 or so hashtags I currently have added to the list, as well as some of the new main keyword ideas I have explored in this example.

list of hashtags for instagram

9. Once you have chosen enough hashtags, (I recommend 15-20) simply tap the camera icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen to have the hashtags automatically copied to your clipboard. When you tap the camera icon, your Instagram account will open automatically making it easy for you to post your photo and add your hashtags.

saving hashtags for instagram

Pro Tip: If you are not ready to post to Instagram just yet, open up the notes app on your phone and paste the hashtags there. Now you have them saved and can re-copy and paste them when you are ready to post!

My Thoughts On The Hashtap App For Instagram

Overall I think the Hashtap app is a real time saver! It is super easy to use and always provides an adequate list of relevant hashtags. New users will love the search feature, and adding the hashtags you want is as simple as tapping a bubble..what could be more fun! The key with any good hashtag strategy for Instagram is to experiment with different combinations, and the Hashtap app makes it easy to do!

You can download the Hashtap App for free here

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As always..to YOUR success!

Matthew McAlpine

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