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How To Reshare Instagram Photos

how to reshare instagram photos

It’s funny that for how quickly Instagram continues to grow, and for the type of social media platform it is, there is still no way to reshare photos natively within the Instagram app itself.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ make resharing content as simple as clicking a button.

The easier it is for a user to reshare, the less likely they are to look for ways to “steal” other people’s content and post it as if it were their own.

There is a great app for ios called Repost that makes resharing photos on Instagram relatively simple..and more importantly, it gives the proper credit to the person who originally posted the content.

Using the Repost app for resharing photo’s is a great way to generate new followers and grab the attention of influencers on the platform, as you will see below. When you combine this technique with a solid hashtag strategy for Instagram, you will gain more followers and meet some great new people!

Note: The photo I used in this example is from @solohour on Instagram..check him out! He hosts a top rated business podcast called the Solopreneur Hour With Michael O’Neal.

Here is a step by step walk through of how to use the Repost app to reshare photo’s on Instagram:

Step 1 Download and install the Repost app from the Apple store

Step 2 Log into your Instagram account from your iPhone and scroll through your feed. Find a photo or quote you like, and hit the like button.

like a photo on instagramStep 3 Once you like a photo, open the Repost app. Click on the “Likes” button from the menu selection at the top of the screen. This will display all of the photos you have liked recently. Locate the photo you want to reshare, and tap on it to select it.

locate liked photos in repost app

Step 4 Once you select the photo you want to reshare, it will open a new window. This is where you will have the opportunity to choose where the tag or credit placement will appear on the photo. The different options appear in a menu below the photo. Once you have chosen the tag position, click the large blue Repost button to advance to the next step.

repost app credit placementStep 5 So far, your work to this point has been saved within the Repost app, and now we need to open the edited photo in Instagram itself. Choose the “Open in Instagram” option to continue.

open in Instagram appStep 6 The photo is now imported into the Instagram app and you now have access to all of the tools and filters Instagram offers to enhance the photo. Notice the credit tag appears in the lower left hand corner of the photo. Choose any filters you like, and click the next button in the top right corner to advance to the next step.

choose filter options on instagram Step 7 This is the familiar “share to” screen within the Instagram app. Notice the Repost app not only imported the photo we want to reshare, but it also imported any comments and hashtags the original author used. This is displayed in the text section, and you can customize it as you see fit. I always leave the Repost hashtag and the tagged user in this section, but feel free to add your own thoughts or comments to the rest of the post. Once you have edited the comment section, click the share button at the bottom to share the photo to your Instagram account.

edit comment section on instagramStep 8 Now the photo appears in your Instagram feed. Once you post the photo, the person you tagged is notified that you shared their content and is a great way to meet new people on Instagram. Notice the photo has all of the appearances of coming from my account, but the credit tag appears in the lower left hand corner of the picture.instagram photo reshareThe Repost app is available for free in the Apple store and is a great way to reshare photo’s on Instagram and give the original source the credit they deserve! Try being a little bit creative with the comments section and add a few of your own hashtags to the photo.

Do you have a favorite app for Instagram? I would love to hear about it! Leave it in the comments below.

I know a lot of people who would love to reshare photo’s on Instagram if they knew a way of doing it without “stealing” someone else’s work. Do them (and me) a huge favor and share this post using the share buttons below. Thanks..YOU ROCK!

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Matthew McAlpine

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  • Hello Matt,
    This is really a very useful tutorial for Instagram users and it made lots of sense.

    I’m not that much into Instagram yet because I’m still struggling to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the rest of them but i might eventually give Instagram some time as well.

    Until now, i never knew that you cannot share someones photo on Instagram like Facebook and that’s a minus for them.

    However, using Repost can do the job as your post entails but to me, its a very long process and i know many people might not like to go through that.

    Thanks for sharing Matthew.

    • Matthew McAlpine Matthew McAlpine

      The difficulty in sharing things on Instagram is a huge minus..you are right. However, Instagram is the fastest growing platform at the moment, so it might be worth the extra work. The popular way of sharing right now is to take a screen shot of the image you want to share. This works, as long as you remember to give credit to the original person who posted it. Thank you for taking the time to check out this post..I really appreciate the support!

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