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How To Rank Videos High On YouTube

how to rank videos higher in youtube search

A lot of you use video marketing on YouTube as a way of getting your message out there.

YouTube is a powerful social media platform and a great way to get exposure for you and your business.

Lot’s of time and energy goes into creating, editing, and uploading a video, and it can be a real disappointment when that video does not perform well in the search results. After all, what good is a video if nobody watches it?

Getting noticed is the first objective!

One of the ways we can learn to be more effective on YouTube is by studying our competition and learning what it is they do to consistently reach those coveted top spots in the search results. But, there are a LOT of videos on YouTube, and a LOT of information to study and sort through.

Where to even begin?

One great tool to help you do some basic research is called vidIQ. vidIQ is a free browser extension for Google Chrome which shows you some pretty powerful information and gives you some great insights into what makes a successful video..and more importantly, what keywords (or Tags) that video used to rank high in the search results.

By using the vidIQ extension, you can begin to study patterns and see exactly how keywords are used in relation to search.

The video shows you exactly how vidIQ works, what information it shows you, and how to use it to get a better understanding of what it takes to rank higher in search results.

How To Use vidIQ To Rank Videos High On YouTube

I encourage you to give the vidIQ tool a try for yourself. Study some of the related videos in your niche and use the information provided to come up with your own strategy. Pay close attention to the tags and how they are used! Sometimes just changing the order around can make the difference between ranking first and not ranking at all!

vidIQ can give you enough information to help your videos rank high in YouTube.

If you are currently running Google Chrome, here is the direct link to the vidIQ extension

Are you serious about your video marketing on YouTube? You owe it to yourself to check out the course below..it’s not for everyone..but if you are really looking to take your video marketing to the next level, give it a look!

Have you tried vidIQ yet? I would love to hear your results! Leave a comment below!

As Always..

To YOUR Success!

Matthew McAlpine

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  • shamim

    It is for kids songs and storybooks cds. comic character dvds. sttuff toys alarm clock. Working in personalized toys. i want to start online but dont know how. guide me

    • Matthew McAlpine Matthew McAlpine

      Thanks for visiting! The fastest way for me to help you get started online is for you to go to my website at creatinglifesolutions.com and enter your email for my free 5 day business builder training series. That will get you headed in the right direction!

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