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How To Create A Hashtag Strategy For Instagram

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Many of us think of Twitter when someone mentions “Hashtags”. Although Twitter may be the original creator of the hashtag culture, when it comes to hashtags, Instagram is king. I know many of us have gotten away from using the hashtag on other social media platforms but if you want your content to be found on Instagram, a solid hashtag strategy is not a suggestion..it’s almost mandatory.

This article will give you a step by step blueprint you can use to optimize your images on Instagram using hashtags. I use this strategy every time I post to Instagram and have gotten great results so I am sure you will as well. Ready to get started?

Please Note: I use the Apple iPhone, so your “notes” app may look or be called something different than mine, and some of the screenshot images may look different as well.

How To Create A Hashtag Strategy For Instagram

Step 1: Creating Custom Hashtags

You are going to want to create hashtags that are relevant to the content you are posting. Basically a hashtag is the “#” symbol followed by a relevant keyword. For example if I am posting a picture of scented halloween candles, I might use hashtags such as #candles, #halloween, or #scentedcandles. I am not going to spend a lot of time in this article on how to choose which hashtags are right for you, as each person, brand, or business will obviously use different hashtags to meet their needs. At the end of this article, I will give you a cool free resource I use to research the most popular hashtags used on instagram..I think that will help you get some great ideas.

Step 2: Save Those Hashtags On Your Smartphone

Open the “notes” app on your phone and type in the hashtags you just created, seperated by a space, then save it. This is going to allow you to quickly copy and paste the hashtags everytime you post a new image on instagram. I love this because it allows me to do the work once.


Here is an example of some hashtags I have used. Notice I include my location, as well as my name to attract people who know me and are local to me!


Step 3: The Posting Proccess

Once you have your hashtags saved, log into your Instagram account and choose a photo you want to share. Once a photo is selected, a small dialog box appears where you can enter a description of your picture. This is NOT where we want to put our hashtags. Write a description of your post, but save the hashtags for later.


Step 4: Use The Comment Section For Hashtags

Once the photo is submitted and posted to Instagram, we want to click on the “comment” button and basically comment on our own photo. This is where we are going to put our custom hashtags.


Step 5: The Beauty Of Copy & Paste

When you click on the comment button, another dialog box will appear. Open up the “notes” app again on your phone, select all the hashtags, and copy them. Paste them into the comments box and press the send button. You will notice now all of your hashtags appear as a comment below your photo.

Diagram 1: Copy hashtags from note in your phone


Diagram 2: Paste the hashtags into the comment box.

add hashtags to instagram

Diagram 3: Wait for a second for the hashtags to appear in the comments box, then press the send button. TIP: I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not, but sometimes with the iPhone I have to touch the comment box and nudge it slightly to the side to get the hashtags to appear (or press the space bar)

how to use instagram hashtags

Diagram 4: Now you should see your custom hashtags in the comments section below your photo

how to add hashtags to a photo on instagram

Why We Use Hashtags On Instagram

What I like the most about this Instagram hashtag strategy is that it allows me to quickly swap out or “refresh” my old hashtags with new ones without having to delete the photo and starting over with new content. I just remove that individual comment and replace it with new hashtags targeting a new audience. This is a great way to test different hashtag combinations to see which give you the best results.

Earlier I promised to let you in on a great free resource I use to research my hashtags. The site is called TagBlender.net and not only do they let you see the most popular hashtags used on Instagram, they also let you choose and combine as many as you like (up to 30). This lets you create tons of different hashtag combinations, and if you use the copy and paste strategy outlined above, it becomes very fast and easy for you to experiment with the power of the Instagram hashtag!

I would encourage you to implement this hashtag strategy on your own Instagram account and watch your results..enjoy! If you really want to take your Instagram  account to the next level try resharing photos on Instagram and adding custom hashtags!

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As Always,

To YOUR Success!

Matthew McAlpine

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