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5 Best WordPress Plugins For Business

best wordpress plugins

WordPress is an easy to use, powerful blogging platform that has a lot of great features right out of the box. But if you really want to take your WordPress site to the next level, here are 5 free wordpress plugins every business should be using.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is far and away the best SEO plugin for WordPress. It allows complete control of page titles and meta descriptions and offers suggestions for the best SEO optimization.

Some other useful features include 301 redirection and setting up rules for search engine robots such as follow, nofollow, index, noindex, and so on. It also allows you to customize the Facebook and Google+ descriptions for individual pages or posts in case you don’t want to use the default meta description field.

Google in particular has been paying more attention to duplicate content and suggests you use the rel=“canonical” tag. This WordPress SEO plugin automatically adds it to every page and post. So you can be sure that Google won’t penalize your website for duplicate content due to dynamic URL string variations. Of all the WordPress plugins covered in this post, this is the one I consider to be a “must have”.

2. Akismet Spam Blocker

Although there are many WordPress plugins that help you combat spam, Akismet is one of the best options because it comes with WordPress out of the box and it’s free for personal use.

Setting up Akismet is a piece of cake. All you have to do is go to Akismet.com and register to get a WordPress key. Once you’re assigned a key, you can insert it in the Akismet settings on your website and say goodbye to spam!

3. Google Publisher Tool

The Google Publisher Plugin enables you to easily use Google’s products – including AdSense and Webmaster Tools – with your WordPress site.

Adding AdSense ads usually requires you to generate snippets in AdSense and paste these into your site, or to manually edit PHP files. This plugin lets you place AdSense ads using a simple point-and-click UI.

This beta version of the Google Publisher Plugin allows you to easily add AdSense ads to your site to make money from advertising and verify your site with Webmaster Tools with just one click. If you use google adsense to monetize your blog, this WordPress plugin makes it a snap!

4. WordPress Social SEO Booster

WP Social SEO Booster adds Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card and Google Rich Snippets (Microdata / schema.org) to your site to boost your sites search engine visibility. It is the only plugin which does include ALL the different types of microdata which are supported by google. Use Social SEO Booster to give your site a boost!

5. WP Smush.it

This is a handy plugin for sites that use a lot of images for content. Now you can use your favorite images and not have to worry about optimizing them for speed. The WP Smush.it service will automatically optimize your images, making your site load quickly and smoothly.

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There are literally thousands of WordPress plugins and this list is just a few of my favorites that have made my life a lot easier..all the links here go directly to the plugin on the official WordPress site. I hope you make the most of these awesome free tools!

As always..to YOUR success!

-Matthew McAlpine

PS: If you don’t have your own WordPress website yet, check out my 4 part series How To Start A WordPress Blog: A Beginners Guide


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  • Ryan Biddulph

    Akismet is my life saver Matt lol…catches 2000 or more spam comments daily. Thanks!

    • Matthew McAlpine Matthew McAlpine

      Thanks for the comment Ryan! Akismet saves a ton of time by not having to manually moderate all those spam comments, most of which don’t even make any sense lol.

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