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10 Ways To Create More Engagement On Facebook

how to get more engagement on facebook


Once considered to be the holy grail for marketers, Facebook’s ongoing practice of limiting organic reach now has many of us frustrated, disappointed, and scratching our heads looking for ways to recapture some of that magic from the early days.

Although Facebook has become somewhat of a challenge now, you can still get some pretty awesome results!


By getting other people to like, comment, and share the things you post.

You can’t beat the Facebook algorithm..but you can use it to your advantage.

Again, How?

Facebook LOVES engagement!

Facebook seems to give special attention to the pages that have the most engagement..likes, comments, and shares. The trick is to make that happen on YOUR page.

10 Free Ways To Create More Engagement On Facebook:


1. Fill In The Blank

People love these types of posts! Here are a couple of examples of what a fill in the blank post looks like:

Fill In The Blank! Today I am feeling ____!

Fill In The Blank! If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would love to visit ___!

2. Ask For Advice

People love to be included in a decision-making process. If you are choosing paint colors for a bedroom, for example, ask your followers to help you decide!

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3. Follow Friday

This type of post gives your followers the opportunity to post a link to their website, meet new people, and showcase their businesses. Keep in mind that when you start something that should happen on a weekly basis, consistency is the key! It might take a little while to build in popularity, but your followers will eventually start to look forward to it every friday. Stick with it!

4. Expert Tips

Staying with the weekly theme from above, try offering an expert tip on a certain day of the week, such as Tip Tuesday. Offer up a short tip on something you know your audience is passionate about.

5. Cross Promotion

This works really well in combination with the Expert Tips idea. Find another page similar to yours and reach out to them. You share some of their tips on your page, and they in turn share some of your tips with their audience. Collaboration is a great way to reach more people and increase your followers!

6. Inspirational Posts

People love to feel motivated and inspired. Mix in some of your favorite quotes from time to time..people love to share these, especially if it is over the top of a great background image. You can use Canva to create images for this type of post for free!

7. Behind The Scenes

People love to see what happens behind the scenes! Take a couple of pictures of your home office or co workers. Shooting a video? Snap a couple of pictures of your set up! These types of pictures really help add a bit of personality to your brand..your followers will love you for it!


8. Caption A Photo

This type of post is really fun and usually gets a high amount of engagement. Post a picture of someone with an odd expression on their face and ask your followers to caption it! If you want to take this to a whole new level, try posting pictures of cats, dogs, or other animals with silly expressions on their faces!

9. Video Messages

Facebook is really promoting their entry into the video market right now. Video uploaded directly to Facebook can reach a lot more people than just a normal post. Take advantage of this by recording a short video for your followers. Something as simple as saying “good morning” and wishing them a great day can create quite a bit of engagement for you. If you are really creative, try turning some of your expert tips from above into a short video message!

10. Fan Appreciation Posts

This is one of my favorites. People love to feel appreciated! Create a post that specifically mentions one of your followers..maybe thanking them for sharing your content and being so awesome! Other followers will notice you doing this and be encouraged to share your content as well.

I hope you take a few of these 10 ways to create more engagement on Facebook and give them a try on your own page.

If you like these ideas, I have 17 more I would love to share with you! All 27 are available in a free PDF download (complete with graphics and examples) by clicking here.

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As always,

To YOUR Success!
Matthew McAlpine


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